Partnership, noun


Allison Zmuda works with a handful of long-term clients on multi-year curricular projects to support the growth of both staff and students.

Each project phase is developed to:
- clarify the problem-situation
– articulate the vision of success
– create multiple pathways to advance learning; and
– monitor progress based on vision and make adjustments accordingly.



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Core Principles for Students and Educators

While every project is unique, there are several core principles that are central to any powerful partnership.

home_img1- Learning is a voluntary endeavor.
– “Why should I care?” is regularly showing the connections between the task and the long term goal.
– Motivation builds from deliberate practice, immediate feedback, and opportunity to try it again.
– Relationships and learning are built from doing and improving upon the work.


Current Project

I wanted to create an online space where educators, parents and students could publicize their creations and experiences. This is an interactive space to think through challenges and offer questions, suggestions, or solutions. This is a place where what you want matters in your school and can be transformative to an individual, a classroom, a school, or a community.